Artist Esther Arias was born in Jaén, Spain. She studied marketing in Madrid and Los Angeles but soon exchanged marketing tools for paintbrushes. Although she started as a decorative artist, her wish to experiment with color, light and shadow made her venture into the world of paintings. One could say that she is self-taught and that her work is intuitive.

For 12 years Esther opened her workshop to the public serving as an art gallery in Barcelona and is now based in Madrid. She has held exhibitions in Copenhagen, Brussels, Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires and Spain.


“Painting originates from a need to create with colors. A white canvas is my instrument to reflect emotions and moments in time. The streets, the landscapes of Spain, the force of the sea, the ochres of autumn or the festivities of spring are all my inspiration,” commented Esther.  



Solo Exhibitions

2015 Lights and Shadows - Coya Dubai, Dubai.

2007 Galleri Pingvin, Oslo.

2006 Feria Casa Foa, Buenos Aires.
Galería Astuce, Buenos Aires. 
Galería Martin Kletzel, Buenos Aires. 
Galería Arte y Punto, Buenos Aires.
Espai d’Art Tecknon, Barcelona.
Sensaciones Naturales - Hotel Termes Montbrió, Montbrió del Camp - Tarragona

2005 Espai d’Art del CAATB, Barcelona

2004 Indecom GmbH, Berlin Groenhoven State, Brussels Recruter A/S, Copenhagen  

Group Exhibitions

2010 Center Of The Universe - ICO Gallery, New York City

Art Fairs

2013 Preview Berlin Artfair, Berlin

2010 FAIM Art, Madrid