Esther Arias
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Portrait of Esther Arias Aguilar.

Portrait of Esther Arias Aguilar.


"My art comes from the need to express and share my feelings. My hands allow me to explore my identity through color and texture. I am a self-taught painter, I feel and then I paint.

I studied antique furniture conservation and during that time I learned about the differences between materials and their chemical and technical balances. In class, I became fascinated about artistic processes that brought artists, centuries before me, to create their own work: how they mixed pigments with oil, egg, milk, and so on.

The experience of creating my own colors extremely moved me. Now I use natural pigments with an acrylic mix in my own paintings. It is through the joy of creating art, from its coarse state to its final refined form, that I am able to communicate with the world." 


"It is an abstraction, in which you can see real life. Since painting comes straight from my heart, I reflect all my feelings and the way I see life on them. 

The colours in my paintings should transmit the same experience as when you see a Sunrise, a green field, the blue sea or ocean and the sky.

While our eyes are capable of appreciating the views clearly; the blue sea, blue sky, green trees, our heart is conditioned by our emotions and the views are transformed. The colours are no longer what our eyes had perceived, a sea can be predominantly yelow, green or white. It is very conditioned to our moment in time.

It is for this reason that "Between Right and Wrong, Love" is either predominantly red or gold. Red means passion, gold is victory and all together it is human life."


Her mission



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